Planning out my meals for the next week or so and making grocery lists to go along with it…actually kinda fun. #nerd


My basic plan looks like this:

For breakfast- greek yogurt with berries, dried & chopped dates, and walnut pieces- pretty much everyday.  If I eat clean all week I give myself pancakes at my favorite breakfast place (Haute Cakes) on Sunday morning 🙂

For lunch- usually a salad with all the fixin’s, my base is baby spinach and romaine lettuce with balsamic vinegar & extra virgin olive oil for dressing, then I add all the veggies I can find (leftovers are good!), a little gorgonzola cheese and some pine nuts- bam!

I usually need a snack post afternoon cardio before dinner so that’ll consist of egg whites with 1/2 an english muffin, an apple with natural peanut butter, a protein shake, or veggies and hummus.

For dinner-  I want to get creative and make new things from all the cook books I received for Christmas, I’m going to keep things simple for the rest of this week, especially since I’m doing a juice cleanse tomorrow.  Planning on making grilled salmon with sweet potatoes on Friday, but next week my big challenge will be a healthier version of the Barefoot Contessa’s Jambalaya!

I’m fired up, hope it stays this way!

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