Tournament Schedule

Feb 8-12: FIVB Fort Lauderdale, FL

May 5-7:  AVP Huntington Beach, CA

May 19-21: AVP Austin, TX

May 31-June 4: FIVB Moscow       

June 7-11: FIVB Rome

June 23-25: AVP Seattle, WA

June 28-July 2: FIVB Croatia

July 5-9: FIVB Gstaad

July 12-16: FIVB Long Beach

July 21-23: AVP Hermosa Beach

July 27-August 6: FIVB Vienna

August 9-13: FIVB Hamburg

August 18-20: AVP Manhattan Beach

August 22-27: FIVB Canada

September 1-3: AVP Chicago

Camps and Coaching

April offers private lessons on the beach for individuals or groups up to four.  She enjoys helping all skill levels, from those who’ve never played before to more experienced players looking to take their game to the next level.  Lessons are tailored to skill level and can be customized for specific skill development. April’s favorite skills to teach are serving and passing because she believes they are the cornerstones for a great all-around game. April also enjoys working with teams to improve their timing and overall dynamic.  She generally only offers lessons in Orange County, but special arrangements can be made.  Please use the CONTACT form for more info.